2024 … 2024 aluminum is widely used for its high strength, and this article will highlight the properties that allow it to excel in such applications. Subcategory: 2000 Series Aluminum Alloy; Aluminum Alloy; Metal; Nonferrous Metal. This system can get confusingly specific, so for the duration of this article, we will display the strength values for only one of the more basic tempers, 2024-T4 aluminum. ), which may not deform the alloy initially; however, when repeatedly exposed to these smaller stresses, the alloy may weaken microscopically and then eventually macroscopically, given enough time. This step is known as “solution heat treating.” These elements are unstable, and when the piece cools, they will precipitate out of the aluminum “solution” as compounds (for example, copper atoms will precipitate out as Al2Cu). These “alloying” elements allow a base metal to be more useful in different circumstances, and the alloying process has been widely used to enhance aluminum in that same way. For example, in the 2024-T42 temper, the “4” indicates that the alloy is strengthened with solution heat-treating and natural aging, but the “2” indicates that the buyer must heat-treat the metal themselves. COVID-19 Response The Nextgen Steel & Alloys are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of ALUMINIUM ALLOYS 2024 Sheet Plate. Types of Tungsten Alloys - Properties and Uses, All About Bearing Bronze - Strength, Properties, and Uses, New Panera Menu Counts Carbon and Calories, Contract Manufacturer Mack Hands Out $15 Million in Employee Bonuses, Cincinnati's Hamilton Security to Add Factory, 200 Jobs, Trio of Rust Belt States Testing Long-haul Platooning, HVAC Products Giant Daikin Acquires Minnesota Distributor. The yield and ultimate strengths are the maximum amount of stress that will non-permanently and permanently deform a specimen of alloy, respectively. In 2024 aluminum alloy, these elemental percentages are 4.4% Cu, 1.5% Mg, and 0.6% Mn, nominally. Properties with values for just one material (2, in this case) are not shown. These sheet plates are having very high demand in the industrial companies as they are having many of the robust applications. These compounds increase the overall strength of the alloy via interactions with the aluminum’s microstructure, and this process is known as “aging.” The processes of solution heat-treating and aging are important to know, because there are many types of 2024 aluminum based on how these steps are carried out and are given such designators as 2024-T4, 2024-T59, 2024-T6, etc. By using this site, you agree to our. The steel sheet plates are having a high percentage of aluminum along with magnesium and silicon. We are using the power of our platform to aid in the mass shortage of critical supplies. ), but these are only purposefully given tolerances as-per the buyer's request. Both are furnished in the T4 temper. They give a good idea as to a material’s resistance to permanent deformation. PHONE: 800-243-2515 | CT LOCAL: 203-239-5881 | FAX: 203-239-4441100 United Drive, PO Box 215 North Haven, CT 06473, United Aluminum, 2020 ©All rights Reserved, 100 United Drive, PO Box 215 North Haven, CT 06473, Aluminum Nose Strip for Medical Mask Production, United Aluminum's Patented Tougher Spiral Fin Strip Product. 6061 and 2024 aluminum are both popular choices for projects, but this article will highlight the differences between these two alloys using their material properties. We provide any size order, to any specification, in a wide variety of alloy and tempers, and shipped on-time, worldwide. Aluminum 2024-T4; 2024-T351. The subject of this report is to compare two materials aluminium alloy 2024 and aluminium alloy 6061 for its intended application, a bike handle bar. Tungsten vs Tungsten Carbide - What's the Difference? 2024 is heat-treatable aluminum alloy with copper as the primary alloying element. COVID-19 Response: Source manufacturers & distributors providing COVID-19 medical supplies Thomasnet Is A Registered Trademark Of Thomas Publishing Type 2024 aluminum gains its optimal strength qualities not just from composition alone, but from the procedure by which is it heat-treated. It is used in applications requiring high strength to weight ratio, as well as good fatigue resistance. Aircraft experience periodic stresses (such as from takeoff, landing, etc. Composition according to Aluminum Association. United Aluminum offers over 100 years of experience tailoring Custom Rolled® Aluminum Coil to meet your most demanding specifications. For a more in-depth discussion of these values, feel free to visit our article on 7075 aluminum alloy. In stock and ready to ship. Aluminum alloys are a class of engineering materials on their own, where each alloy has attributes such as high strength, conductivity, and even resistance to environmental effects. 2024 aluminum is used throughout many industries, but some common applications for this excellent alloy are as follows: This article presented a brief summary of the properties, strength, and applications of 2024 aluminum. This naming system separates aluminum alloys using four-digit designators (1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, etc. 2024-T351 aluminum is a sort of 2024 aluminum. We also have guides on other types of aluminum, including 5052 Aluminum, 3003 Aluminum, 7075 Aluminum, and 6061 aluminum. There are usually trace amounts of impurity elements (silicon, iron, zinc, titanium, etc. Properties with values for just one material (1, in this case) are not shown. Due to its high strength and fatigue resistance, 2024 is widely used in aircraft structures. Alloy 2024 is one of the more prominent aluminium alloys. Privacy Statement and United Aluminum can supply 2024 in the annealed temper for maximum formability. See 2024 is heat-treatable aluminum alloy with copper as the primary alloying element. For each property being compared, the top bar is 2024 aluminum and the bottom bar is 6082 aluminum. This coat is sometimes high purity aluminum or even another alloy, and is most popular in clad sheet metal where the original alloy can be sandwiched between the cladding layers. Comparing 6061 & 2024 Aluminum alloys. However, when welded it is commonly vulnerable to heat cracking and stress corrosion. Thomas Regional® are part of Thomasnet.com.