Create Your Custom Mechanical Keyboard Plate now! We soften the back side of your creation, making it as amazing as the front. Mechanical Keyboard Plates. DZ60 ANSI CNC Brass Plate- 2.25u Left Shift (KBDFans) $44.00. Hey r/mk, I'm building my first board and the last thing I need to decide on is the plate.Has anyone here tried both brass and carbon fiber plates with linear switches, and if so which did you prefer? So far, I've used keyboards with aluminum and stainless steel plates, and a plateless build. I'm trying to choose between brass, polycarbonate, and carbon fiber for my next keyboard. DZ60 ANSI CNC Aluminum Plate- 2.25u Left Shift … 4.6 (31) 132 Orders. US $16.00. Back-side brushed Perfect on both sides. Paid expedited and International options are also available. Current plate materials available: Aluminum and Stainless Steel. US $32.58. Brass Plate for Mechanical Keyboard with oxidation resistant coating brushed tech xd60 xd64 xd75 xd84 bm43 xd68 gh60 bm60 iso. Add To Cart NEW. 4.9 (57) 268 Orders . Double charm guaranteed. Add Your Review. stainless steel plate for xiudi xd68 65% custom keyboard Mechanical Keyboard Plate … From what I've read, I can see that there would be advantages for all three, depending on your preference. DZ60 CNC Brass Plate- 2u Left Shift (KBDFans) $44.00. Add To Cart NEW. KBD75 V1-V2 75% Brass Plate (KBDFans) $44.00. Thank you though. Keyboard Services ... CNC Brass 60% Plate; Only Supports 2u Left Shift Layout - View Layout Image for Reference * Free shipping applies to standard continental US orders. Sort By: ... Show: NEW. Brass Plate Steel Plate Positioning Board Plate-mounted Stabilizers For GH60 XD64 DZ60 GK64 Gk64x GK64xs. I'm leaning towards brass because I like the look but I'm curious about the difference in feels. Carbon Steel - Stainless Steel - Aluminium - Brass - Copper. Yeah, I like what I have heard about brass, but I haven't been able to find a place that can cut a custom plate out of brass, so I may be stuck with aluminum, or more likely, steel since that is all Lasergist offers and they are dramatically cheaper than all other options. Add To Cart NEW.