[29] The Odisha government staged "300 power boats, two helicopters and many chain saws, to cut downed trees" for the purpose. [7] Six hours later, the IMD upgraded the system to a cyclonic storm and gave it the name Fani. Cyclone Fani 8 days without power, water, protests break out in Cyclone Fani-hit Odisha. Tropical Cyclone Fani: The storm is India's strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall in 20 years. The authorities deployed around a thousand emergency workers and 43,000 volunteers in these efforts. Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Fani (/ˈfɒniː/)[a] was the strongest tropical cyclone to strike the Indian state of Odisha since the 1999 Odisha cyclone. cyclone in Marathi translation and definition "cyclone", English-Marathi Dictionary online. [19] Land interaction quickly degraded Fani's convective structure; and it weakened to a Category 1-equivalent tropical cyclone soon after landfall. A system of winds rotating around a center of low atmospheric pressure. [12] The organization of the system continued to improve, with tight spiral banding wrapping into a formative eye feature,[13] resulting in Fani being upgraded to an extremely severe cyclonic storm by the IMD around 12:00 UTC[14] while the JTWC upgraded the storm to a Category 3-equivalent cyclone hours later. Fani weakened before making its landfall, and its convective structure rapidly degraded thereafter, degenerating into a remnant low on 4 May, and dissipating on the next day. The name ‘Fani’ was decided from a list containing 64 names. वादळ. Cyclone ‘Fani’ is pronounced as ‘Foni’. 2.98 crore loss due to cyclone Fani", "Cyclone Fani leaves trail of destruction in Bangladesh; 17 dead, several hurt", "Ahead of Cyclone Fani, 7 killed by lightning in Bangladesh", "Fani damaged crops worth Tk 38.5 cr: Agriculture Minister", "Fani storm loss estimated at Tk 536 crore", "Fani damages 53,000 acres of cropland, 13,000 houses", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Cyclone_Fani&oldid=990993544, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 November 2020, at 18:12. The Cyclone Titli, that hit … While Cyclone Titli already ravaged Odisha last year and cyclone Fani is gearing up to make landfall, a tropical disturbance off the coast of Florida could already kick-start hurricane season for them this year. [47], The Bangladeshi government distributed rice, dried food, and ৳19.7 million (US$234,000) to those affected by the cyclone Fani. Cyclone Fani Updates: Eight people have been killed as cyclone Fani hit West Bengal and is to continue further in the North-East direction with the … [34] The cyclone adversely affected electricity supply and telecommunication in several coastal areas of Odisha, and to a lesser extent, of West Bengal. The word Fani (pronounced as Foni) means snake. Find Latest Fani Cyclone news updates online in Marathi at Lokmat.com. [35] The KIIT University also suffered a damage of about ₹300 million (US$4.3 million). Find Latest Fani Cyclone News in Marathi: Lokmat.com Covers all trending, current, breaking headlines around Fani Cyclone and Live Updates in Marathi. [5] Afterward, the storm slowly coalesced while moving northward, and was upgraded to a deep depression at 00:00 UTC on 27 April. Copyright © Latestly.com All Rights Reserved. Type: noun; Copy to clipboard ... A cyclone rotates counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere (opposite to that of an anticyclone). [43] In Bagerhat District, a woman died after being hit by a falling tree, and 7 of them were killed by lightning in two districts of Bangladesh. पंतप्रधान नरेंद्र मोदी उद्या Zydus Biotech Park, Bharat Biotech आणि Serum Institute ला देणार भेट; कोविड-19 लसींचा घेणार आढावा, Uttar Pradesh: सरकारी इस्पितळात स्ट्रेचरवर ठेवलेला मृतदेह लागला कुत्र्याच्या तोंडी; संभल जिल्ह्यातील धक्कादायक घटना; चौकशीचे आदेश, Sputnik V Vaccine Update: भारतामध्ये HETERO सोबत RDIF करणार कोविड 19 वरील लसीचं उत्पादन, Chemical Castration of Rapists: पाकिस्तानमध्ये बलात्कारासाठी दोषीला नपुंसक करण्याची शिक्षा; PM Imran Khan यांनी दिली मंजुरी, COVID-19 Vaccine Update: रशियाची Sputnik V लस ठरली 95 टक्के प्रभावी; जानेवारी 2021 मध्ये सुरु होणार वितरण, जाणून घ्या किंमत, US: अखेर Donald Trump यांनी स्वीकारला राष्ट्रपती निवडणुकीचा पराभव; Joe Biden यांच्याकडे सत्ता हस्तांतरण करण्यास दिली मान्यता, Redmi Watch लॉन्च, युजर्सला मिळणार 12 दिवसांचा बॅटरी बॅकअपसह 'हे' फिचर्स, Xiaomi Black Friday Sale 2020 अंतर्गत स्मार्टफोन आणि अॅक्सेसरीज वर 10,000 रुपयांपर्यंत डिस्काऊंट; Amazon India वरुन करु शकता खरेदी, भारतातील सर्वात स्वस्त 5G स्मार्टफोन Motorola Moto G या महिन्यात होणार लाँच, 'या' दिवशी Flipkart होणार वर इव्हेंट.