In the case of power failures, entry/exit are still critical and the battery backup pack (41152R) will give you this assurance. I purchased a house built in 2012 in 2017. I call Genie back, and the next first level tech has me tear the front coupler out and check it. Both garage door openers are Genie, all of my hand held openers are Genie and the wireless keypad outside is a Genie. "Well, you see, the circuit boards are kind of like computers and that will often fix some issues." All I was told how sorry they were. I installed the garage door opener, programmed all of my cars and all of the handheld remotes. The issue I have is not addressed in the manual, so I guess I have two choices, call a repair person to do what I could likely do if told what to do, or toss the 6 month old Genie and buy another brand. Genie Wall Mount Pro Series Garage Door Opener Model 6070. Several days ago, the belt broke. Customer Reviews Genie 6170 openers Had been looking at wall mount openers for quite some time and was happy to have run across the Genie option since I already have the overhead Genie openers. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. Cleaner Look: Eliminating the rail & opener from the ceiling brings a clean and open look to your garage. That garage is used only about 6 months a year and maybe cycles the garage door 90 times per year. Would not recommend except maybe to my worse enemy. I wasn't too pleased, but I needed an opener. Purchased it at our local Lowe's and it was installed. I just spent 4 hour on the phone four separate times with two first level, then two second level supervisors. Genie Models 6170 & 6070 feature our all-new wall mount design. I told them that I was through with the Genie opener and would be making sure to let everyone know how bad their openers are. IT WAS BROKE! Ordered a replacement and reconnected the door opener. Well they said they couldn't. I thought if everything was Genie, everything would work together. One of those units went out again, another bad board so this is the 4th board that needs replaced. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. My keypad really isn't that old. Description. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. I would understand, shame on me for not doing my homework, I can assure you that will never happen again. The only thing I couldn't get program was the wireless keypad outside the door. My door opener since the past two or three days would start to open the door and then stop abruptly. So we went through the whole checklist as I was on the phone with the rep. Was told it was the circuit board. I'm hoping that the return through Walmart goes through, I assume it will, but because it's a third party purchase I guess there's a chance Genie will reject it, I'll find out in a couple days. The electric eye would not come on. Well now it's March 2019 and another circuit board has failed. Signed, A LONG TERM - REALLY UPSET CUSTOMER. The openers eliminate the traditional rail & powerhead design by attaching directly to the garage door’s spring tube. All Genie products. I have a detached garage with a 3rd intellig 1200 unit, that board just went out. The Genie ChainDrive 550 Garage Door Opener is a budget-friendly option that’s easy to install. They will NOT honor their warranties without a receipt. Genie is useless, refuses to admit they produce junk that breaks every two years. Then in early 2015 the circuit board failed again. I then ask the price, when I was told what it would cost I said I thought they should at least give it to me for half. I was finally told I needed to buy a new wireless keypad. Genie Models 6170 & 6070 feature our all-new wall mount design. The Genie 6170 and 6070 Side Mount openers feature a compact, clean design that blends with your garage interior. Called Lowe's and since it was still under the warranty, they sent out a serviceman to inspect and fix. If someone gave me a Genie product I would throw it in the garbage. She also acknowledged that if I need to do this with some frequency that the board could be at fault (NO WAY!). Unsubscribe at any time. Only the wall activator lit up. We value your privacy. Disconnect the door from the carriage and try it he says... OK, the carriage moves fine from limit to limit. I’m tearing all these units out, throwing them in the trash and installing liftmasters. Still must be the door. My door opener broke after 11 years and it has a lifetime warranty. I asked again about covering at least half the cost of the opener, but was told parts are only covered for 1 year. Pretty clear to me they don't intend to honor the warranty and were simply acting in a preconceived bad faith manner to cause me to give up and go away. Fret not! Sure with NO LOAD the thing works fine... Place a load on it, and it fails. The openers eliminate the traditional rail & powerhead design by attaching directly to the garage door’s spring tube. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. Then go buy the CHAMBERLAIN unit I wanted in the first place. I called customer service and explained that this was the 2nd one that has failed. LiftMaster offers models that have an EverCharge Battery Backup System. o Genie G3T-BX Intellicode 3-button Garage Door Opener Remote § Classic widely-compatible 3-channel-capable transmitter from Genie Suggest you read other reviews regarding Genie. I ask, "Is it not possible that the motor controller, that holds the force openings is not weakened after 14 years," "NOPE, NOT POSSIBLE, IT'S THE DOOR." I returned the opener through Walmart and when I went on the Genie web page to return the extension their policy is if it's opened they won't take it back, I even e-mailed the company to try to reason with them but no luck. This system is designed to operate your garage door opener for up to 40 cycles when the power is off. Highlights. I would think a garage door opener would last longer than seven years with only moderate use. We built our house 9 years ago, had a Genie 2022 garage door opener installed. I gave the customer service rep all my information. The opener was a nightmare to attempt to install. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. "See, it must be the door since if you remove the load, the opener works fine.". They acknowledged it was within warranty, but refused to provide a new circuit board. He wants me to put it all back together and call back, sure I say, don't mind spending a few more hours on the phone. THE BELT IS BROKEN AND HANGING DOWN!