Despite the fact nobody wants them in the factory, they save it from being closed down and sing a song in the process. Gumball and Darwin build a Rube Goldberg machine in an attempt to escape from school. There's a new kid at school but nobody can understand a thing he is saying. First Aired: March 5, 2015 - 11 Minutes Runtime Jacob Hopkins, Terrell Ransom Jr. 7.0/10 . A new student named Sarah becomes an obsessed fan of Gumball and Darwin. episodes that carry into other episodes, where as you can watch the normal episodes in any order and get the same effect, you can't watch these plot episodes out of order. Gumball and Darwin discover they have an uninvited house guest. S06E24 The Ad July 16, 2018; Cartoon Network; The Wattersons turn their home into a BnB in an attempt to raise some extra cash. Just gumball (the fridge, the game, the disk, the tape, to name a few). Watch The Amazing World of Gumball - Season 3, Episode 48 - The Downer; The Nobody: Gumball and Darwin's voices begin changing when they reach puberty. The episode begins with Gumball unveiling his newest invention to Darwin, the Entertainernator, which was designed to cater to the short attention spans of kids. Gumball and Darwin deal with growing up, which means awkward encounters, breaking voices and, of course, cloning their friend Anton. TV Shows; Movies; Sign In; Sign Up. Gumball and Darwin try different ways to figure out what's going on. Home > TV Shows > The Amazing World of Gumball > Season 6 Episode 16 . … Add to Watchlist. Stream the full The Nobody episode. As he demonstrates how it works, Nicole bursts into the room with Richard and Anais. Watch The Amazing World of Gumball Season 6 Episode 16 - The Nobody. Then there are episodes like the oracle, which have there own thing, the main story/plot progression. The Kids/The Fan 22m. Nicole brings the Gumball and Darwin to work at the factory. Release year: 2014. The Coach/The Joy 22m. Episodes The Amazing World of Gumball.