Wish they could have squeezed in an ethernet port, but I think I am asking for too much there. At one point you just stop thinking about it - and that's the best compliment for any machine. Would prefer this to be light actuation and equal throughout. - Screen is extremely nice for being a 6-bit IPS display. Check all the shipping options and rates we provide. This was with the screen set to 50%, the backlit keyboard set to 50%, and the processor set to 75 – 100%. The Dell Inspiron 14 (7000 Series) Laptop takes the PC3-12800 DDR3L SODIMM 204-Pin memory Verdict: This laptop offers a lot of great features with matching performance. However, that does not translate at all to what you are seeing. Dell even included a pop up warranty registration form you can fill out and submit. Inspiron 1520. You are getting top of the line specs (Ryzen 4700U, 512 GB M.2 SSD and 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz RAM with full metal body). The built-in webcam and mic work as expected. Generic memory suppliers do not ensure memory compatibility. * HD webcam with cover - The included built in sliding cover was a great addition. I noticed it after the initially after setting the notebook up for the first time and running Windows/driver updates. Note that the Best Buy description states “RGB backlit keyboard” – this is not accurate. But that is purely guess work. Touchpad is a bit uneven in the pressure needed in certain areas It’s a great option for traveling professionals. I can run several MS Office apps and many web-browser tabs with no issues. This laptop uses Windows 10, the other laptop I own uses Windows 7. memory type, and comes installed with 8GB(Removable ) memory. Touchscreen. I have the Linksys Max Stream AX6000 WIFI 6 router and this laptop is able to take advantage of the new 802.11 ax standard. They’re located underneath the machine at the front. The setup was fast and straightforward. It’s a strange machine, for sure. NICE! Step 2: Luckily, Dell has made it very easy for you to update the RAM on your Inspiron machine. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. On the middle, left and right, it requires moderate/severe pressure. How many total memory slots to install memory? There is a small amount of travel, with a crisp bump at the end, and what I would consider heavy actuation. What's more frustrating was that Dell has multiple applications that act as driver update delivery managers, and myDell showed this update, while Dell Drivers and Update did not. It is a “heavy” tablet in tablet mode, but is fine once you get used to this It includes a backlit keyboard. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. * Touchpad - It is very responsive and accurate. But could see this being a problem for others. But they appear to be pretty sturdy. It shows both primary and secondary characters and the light is equal throughout with attractive easy to read font. * Design - Simply put, the Sandstorm color looks high class. During this time, I had multiple tabs open, with Outlook going in the background, while I was typing a document. Absolutely! For best Inspiron 14 (7000 Series) Laptop performance use the maximum amount of 16GB, fill all the slots with the max allowed memory per slot for your Laptop. Especially, for a quick recharge during lunch. However, my biggest complaint is that it does not have equal pressure throughout for the clicks. For those of you that have never owned a Dell product, please be sure to notice the small little slider at the top of the laptop screen to unhide the camera. The scrolling and touch input of this machine is as good as they come, everything was buttery smooth when using it as a tablet. Was highly impressed with this, as sometimes some laptops can have a lag in time when downloading. If you have any technical questions about your computer we'd suggest that you visit our Product Support Page here: https://dell.to/3eSloSb. The laptop has a touchscreen and found it fairly easy to use. Home > Dell Laptop > Inspiron 14 (7000 Series). As soon as you open the laptop it starts the boot up process which reduces wait time. Would prefer it to be closer to 10. It comes in at about 4.5 inches in width and almost 3 inches in height so it’s quite large. The loudest it got was when I was setting it up or when I had the screen and processor set to 100%. SCREEN: Thank you for the ease of use on this Dell. This is a very long paragraph to just say the screen is excellent and a major player on why you aren’t paying >$1200 for this laptop. Then, direct your attention to the “access door” on the bottom front of your laptop (the opposite side of the battery).