that describes the relationship between the classical and quantum vision. Further, based on the PT-symmetry, the bound state solutions of the trigonometric Rosen-Morse potential can be easily obtained. (TDSE) and the advection equation by quantum walk/quantum Journal of Quantum Information Science, Volume 10, pp 73-103; doi:10.4236/jqis.2020.104006. When the Grover's algorithm is applied to search an unordered database, the successful probability usually decreases with the increase of marked items. J|\Psi_0 \ra \in {\cal H}_N \otimes {\cal H}_N $. We propose a solution method of Time Dependent Schr?dinger Equation In order to solve this problem, an adaptive phase matching is proposed. This field is also quite interdisciplinary in character, and people from quantum theory, computer science, mathematics, information theory, condensed matter physics, many-body physics and many more have been actively involved to understand implications of quantum mechanics in information processing. To the difference, Ghirardi, Rimini and Weber took the collapse as a real phenomenon, and proposed a calculus by which the wave-function should undergo a sudden localization. Designing $J(\beta)$ for $N=2$ is quite standard. The concept of particle makes additional difficulties when the wave-function passes through fields. It involves virtual particles. ADD TO MY LIST Teleportation of Superposition of Coherent States Using 4-Partite States and Effect of Decoherence on Fidelity Volume: 02 Issue: 04 Year: 2012. Quantum Science and Technology - IOPscience Quantum Science and Technology A multidisciplinary, high impact journal devoted to publishing research of the highest quality and significance covering the science and application of all quantum-enabled technologies. We report that long survival time of entanglement can be provided with two quantum measures. This study aimed at investigating the global prevalence, biological and clinical characteristics of novel Corona-virus, Wuhan China (2019-nCoV), Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona-virus (SARS-CoV), and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona-virus (MERS-CoV) infection outbreaks [1]. Steganography is a technique hiding secret information within innocent-looking information (e.g., text, audio, image, video, and so on). $\lambda >0$ is associated to the harmonic oscillator semigroup. We give a We find the condition for blocking of entanglement transport even in the perfect pumping condition. Quantum key distribution is a technique to securely distribute a bit string between two parties by using the laws of quantum mechanics. intimately related to the degree of entanglement of $|\Psi_1 \ra$. The In effect the diagram properties allowed us to derive the recurrence formulae giving the number of higher perturbative terms from the number of lower order terms. It is also found that, unlike the mean photon number and the variance of the photon number, the quadrature squeezing does not depend on the number of atoms. The Boltzmann entropy and the specific heat capacity at a given temperature are obtained and show the correlation of the coupling of the spin bath and the electron spin of the central atom. In one-dimensional multiparticle Quantum Cellular Automaton (QCA), the approximation of the bosonic system by fermion (boson-fermion correspondence) can be derived in a rather simple and intriguing way, where the principle to impose zero-derivative boundary conditions of one-particle QCA is also analogously used in particle-exchange boundary conditions. The security of this technique depends on the basis of quantum mechanics rather than the difficulty of the mathematical calculation as in the classical encoding. The no-signaling condition is an informational constraint that limits the strength of non-local correlations to the Tsirelson bound. For questions or feedback, please reach us at. Finally, the measurement setting we use is a restricted social welfare strategy (given this particular state). Our analytical solution interconnects quantum many body physics and quantum information science. This paper proposes a necessary clarification about the problematic of super-quantum correlations, whose mainstream debate relies on an incorrect, statistical interpretation of the no-signaling condition. View preprints under review Given these findings, we also discuss the benefits of scaling up our experiments from a simulated quantum computer to a real quantum computer. of integers? About the Journal We are pleased to announce that the International Journal of Quantum Information has achieved an impact factor of 1.176 in the year 2019. Linear advection equation or Time Dependent Schrodinger Equation (TDSE) is obtained from the continuum limit of linear QCA. For the past 10 years, the research funding for quantum information research is mainly from the central and local governments with … In short, the N-level atomic system is found prone to the change of the Kerr medium and Stark effect for higher dimensional systems. In this paper, we propose a quantum steganography protocol using plain text as innocent-looking in-formation called cover data. The field of Quantum Information Science is the most challenging and hot topic among all branches of science. Access the latest research on COVID-19, including preprints, on Scilit. An unexpected possibility to solve these difficulties seems to arise from the cavity quantum electrodynamics studies done recently by S. Savasta and his collaborators. Also, we use the I-3322 inequality so that states that aren’t useful advice for the Bell-CHSH1 inequality can also be used. The discrimination of quantum operations is an important subject of quantum information processes. One of these studies is briefly described here. Journal of Quantum Information Science, Volume 9, pp 41-97; doi:10.4236/jqis.2019.91004, Journal of Quantum Information Science, Volume 9, pp 98-109; doi:10.4236/jqis.2019.91005, Journal of Quantum Information Science, Volume 9, pp 155-170; doi:10.4236/jqis.2019.93008. First, we can use any plain text that is inde-pendent of any secret message sent between parties. Finally, in quantum states shared between parties in advance, i.e., as quantum keys used when the parties recover secret messages from stego data, neither innocent-looking information nor the information of any secret message is included. We show the practicality of two existing meta-learning algorithms Model- Agnostic Meta-Learning and Fast Context Adaptation Via Meta-learning using an evolutionary strategy for parameter optimization, as well as propose two novel quantum adaptations of those algorithms using continuous quantum neural networks, for learning to trade portfolios of stocks on the stock market. When Newton became the President of the Royal Society, he proposed corpuscle concept (wave-particle duality) to destroy the fruitions of Hooke and Huygens, because Newton mistook Hooke and Huygens as his enemies. Our final result generalizes the recent conceptual equation of Susskind and Maldacena ER = EPR to become. Journal of Quantum Information Science ISSN: 2162--5751 Publisher: Scientific Research Publishing. This very basic mechanism does not occur randomly but through a regulated and more dynamic process which we may call coding and decoding of information through reduction in error or noise. Both these proposals also change the quantum formalism by introducing in the Schrödinger equation additional terms with noisy behavior. Using the are discussed. We solve this problem by using the Berry phase analysis and Abelian bosonization methods. This means that the superluminal communication can be realized by using the LQMD. For a more detailed understanding of entanglement measurement results, “contour plot” was preferred in Mathematica 8. Journal of Quantum Information Science, Volume 10, pp 43-71; doi:10.4236/jqis.2020.103005. The Wave-Particle Duality—Does the Concept of Particle Make Sense in Quantum Mechanics? We use the principle of adiabatic quantum pumping process for entanglement transfer in the spin chain systems. this method provides perfectly diffusion free solution by virtue of its Journal of Quantum Information Science, Volume 10, pp 23-35; doi:10.4236/jqis.2020.102003 One of the very basic mechanisms that every infectious virus follows to infect is the entry of the virus through cell surface receptors, engulfing, un-coating of viral genome and its transcription to form multiple copies and translation to form viral proteins and coating of viral genome to form multiple copies of the viral particles and then of course the cell bursting to infect other cells.