Ensure that your television is not connected to "Input-1," "Input-2" or "Input-3," as this will cause you to not hear any sound from the "Audio Out" on the back of your television. Hallo ich besitzte jetzt schon seit etwas längerer Zeit meinen JVC-TV (Modell No. hd-56zr7u) ... Habe folgendes Problem: Wenn ich das TV Gerät einschalte dann schaltet er sich von alleine nach ca. Check to see whether your television's antenna is properly connected if you are having problems with the picture. JVC TV Main Board Problems. If you are using a cable box, ensure that the cable or antenna wire is connected into the cable box's "In" plug and that the television is connected to the cable boxes "Out" plug. Moniceiver. Information for the Site Map. Numerous JVC television owners on consumer review sites … Check to see whether your television's antenna is properly connected if you are having problems with the picture. JVC TV keeps turning off. : 0049 – 89 21 12 9-000 Österreich Tel. JVCKENWOOD's product information site creates excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world through JVC brand video camera, projectors, headphones, audio, car audio products and professional business products. TV-Probleme lösen: Die zehn lästigsten Fehler beheben Zehn Tipps gegen nervige TV-Macken . So am unable to use the ** TV as can’t watch a … Nutzen Sie bitte die nachfolgenden Kontaktdaten: Deutschland Tel. For color or tint issues, select "Menu" on your JVC television's remote. JVC televisions are equipped with jacks for making simple connections to a home theater system, a computer and personal audio-video devices such as an iPod. Check your TV settings against the settings on your cable box, satellite receiver, DVD recorder or TiVo to make sure the TV is set on the correct channel. If the timer function has been activated by mistake, the television will turn on and off for no apparent reason. If your television automatically shuts off, check to make sure the auto-sleep function is turned off. Hart im Nehmen - die Outdoor-Camcorder der Everio-Serie! Using the arrow keys on your remote, select "Picture." Zubehör (Camcorder) Stativbefestigungen und weiteres Camcorderzubehör. This JVC tv in our guest bedroom and so hardly used, except the one time we have guests, the Tv stops working. Everio R . Check to see whether your batteries are inserted correctly. If the problem persists, chance are the difficulty is with your cable or satellite provider. If the colors, contrast, brightness and other settings are off, the image will appear dark and murky. 1 Minute wieder ab und blinkt vorne rot. The specific steps for troubleshooting a JVC TV depend on the particular problem. JVC LCD TVs use micro-processing chips to operate the television; however, problems can occur that can obscure the picture and sound that are unrelated to the processing chip. If problems continue to occur after troubleshooting, contact JVC to resolve your issue, as this might be a sign of faulty or damaged components. Systeme. Hochwertige Design-Audiosysteme und portable Bluetooth-Lautsprecher. A TV that has no power is a common problem that is easy to fix. Könnte es ggf. Lack of sound or image could be merely a loose audio-video cable. Call our Customer Care Center at (800) 252-5722 or submit this on-line form. For color or tint issues, select "Menu" on your JVC television's remote. JVC TV will not turn on. Accidentally changing the TV station can make it appear as if the TV is not working. Die Lampe kanns eigentlich nicht sein da wir die schon ausgetauscht haben und die nur alle paar Jahre kaputt gehen. A JVC Customer Service representative will help you. If something goes wrong with your JVC TV, there are a few steps to follow troubleshoot the problem. Re-calibrate the JVC set using your remote control. Just down to how it always disconnecting itself from WiFi and will not connect again. Perhaps the most common problem with JVC televisions is that of picture loss. On JVC sets, the remote must be within 25 feet of the TV to work. Replace the batteries in your remote control and check your distance from the JVC television if the remote control stops working. JVC TV Power Board Problems. To do so, select "Menu" on your remote and select "Settings." Das Produkt kann oben ausgewählt oder gesucht werden. Take your sound with you, in your style. JVC LT-50HW77U 4K-Fernseher Weitere Bedienungsanleitungen und Handbücher zu Produkten von JVC finden Sie auf der jeweiligen Produkt-Seite unter " Hilfe & Support ". For example, if your Blu-ray player is plugged into the Video 1 jack, but the input on your JVC is set to Video 2, you will not see the Blu-ray screen on the TV. I have a 55" Samsung flat screen Tv in … Select the "Off" option for both the "Auto Shut Off' and "Sleep Timer" functions. Extrem robuste Soundmaschinen im legendären JVC Style. Check the power and all component connections to the JVC television. Bitte wenden Sie sich bei Fragen oder Problemen direkt an einen Händler, der das Gerät verkauft (hat). Bluetooth Neckband. Check the timer function on your JVC if the power is cutting off unexpectedly. To troubleshoot a JVC TV, reset the television, adjust the brightness and contrast, and replace the audio cables. Scroll down and select "Video Reset" to restore your picture to its factory settings. Step 2. For example, if your Blu-ray player is plugged … Verify that all connections are properly inserted, checking to see if the cable or antenna-out wire is connected to the television. If they are, try a new pair of batteries; in addition, make sure that you are within 23 feet of the television to operate the remote. The most common issues encountered when using a television are problems with the image, sound, power and remote control. der TV JVC is probably the most ** tv about. Verify the input on the TV is set to the proper source. Begin by checking that both ends of the power cord are properly connected. Fernseher zeigt kein Bild: Problem mit externen Quellen Schließen Sie Ihre PlayStation, Xbox oder einen DVD-Player an Ihren Fernseher an und erhalten kein Bild, haben Sie möglicherweise den falschen Eingang am Fernseher gewählt. Verify the input on the TV is set to the proper source. Troubleshooting a JVC LCD Flat Screen TV Step 1. Die Firma Vestel, die die Fernseher in Lizenz herstellt, und die Vestel Germany GmbH sind seit 2016 die richtigen Ansprechpartner für alle anderen TV-Geräte von JVC. JVC TV Has No Audio; JVC TV Turns On, but Has No Backlight (No Picture) JVC TV Will Not Turn Off; JVC TV HDMI Ports Do Not Work; JVC TV Stops or Freezes at Welcome Screen der Lüfter sein? JVC TV clicks repeatedly, then turns on. Most JVC televisions feature a programmable timer that allows you to switch the set on and off at predetermined times. The company's high-definition widescreen models are designed specifically for home theater applications that require connecting multiple components and external speakers. Picture Loss. JVC TV repeatedly turns off and on repeatedly by itself. Step 3.