Although it might be difficult, you'll need to let him fuss until he goes back to sleep. You're just not used to nice things or having people fuss over you. I always reassemble it completely so there is no need to fuss before juicing. 2 . Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. He would fuss and stop and start when feeding. A lack of fuss is not the same thing as a lack of style. Most of the short hair styles for the summer are no fuss and easy to maintain, perfect for long hot days and fun-filled nights. If you enjoy gardening with kids, or you're looking for something to grow without too much fuss, then growing strawberries in the garden is for you. The following fall preschool religious crafts sites offer crafts that can be done with a minimum of fuss but a lot of fun! Much fuss is placed upon brides and grooms in regards to wedding gift etiquette, yet not much is said about how guests are supposed to handle writing proper congratulations to the happy couple. Don't make a fuss but don't be a martyr. They require a minimum of fuss and expense yet add priceless character. It is also easier to take care of - nearly all shapewear can be washed by hand in cold water and hung to dry with little fuss. applaud the efforts of all the officers who help run the County affairs with the minimum of fuss. She doesn't fuss for hours on perfecting her appearance; she's comfortable in her own skin. drakes used to make a lot of fuss and noise and bustle, and have gone into the pot long ago. Other women may use fake nails to achieve a quick, effortless and elegant manicure without a lot of fuss. And Lucas says he will not make any fuss over it. His eloge was written for the French Academy by the marquis de Condorcet, and an account of his life, with a list of his works, was written by Von Fuss, the secretary to the Imperial Academy of St Petersburg. Finally, Christmas tree toppers, like angels, snowmen, or Santas make perfect centerpieces and require minimal fuss. In fact, sporting an accessory with a camouflage pattern is the best way to wear this look - it's minimal, no fuss and much less overbearing than going head-to-toe. However, the fuss made over skimpy swim wear is nothing new. Alex didn't like people making a fuss over him, and two women doing it would be double the embarrassment. While a class is likely to focus on the proper arrangement of blooms in a vase rather than a bouquet, you'll still learn some design principles that will help you as you fuss with your flowers. The next time you burn an oil-infused candle, but don't want the fuss and mess associated with petroleum-based products and don't want the expense associated with many natural products, reach for soy. make a good fist of (something) make a good/bad/etc. Obviously, making a basic witch costume for a little girl is going to require a lot less time and fuss than building an elaborate Renaissance costume from the ground up. The more entrepreneurs fuss and fret over additional features, the more time is wasted with the product sitting on the shelf. 213+20 sentence examples: 1. From what I remember, I would play a little bit, not sell any lemonade, and then leave in a fuss. Could I wear these in the low heel form on a daily commute to work, for example, and then switch to the higher form when I got to the office without too much fuss? What a fuss about nothing! Wrap tops can easily be pulled aside for nursing, without the fuss of pulling the top up. Rubbing his eyes, he seemed baffled by all the fuss. Facebook fuss part umpteen: students are dum-dums The latest round of Facebook numbskullery comes from none other than Edinburgh's Student newspaper. The lyrics are simply presented with no fuss in an easy-to-read manner. There's no fuss at all with CAMiLEON Heels. This fuss free style of interior design has risen in popularity in recent years, as more and more people have embraced the comfort it brings to homes. make a go of (something) make a go of something. muttered Alpatych to himself and started on his journey, looking round at the fields of yellow rye and the still- green, thickly growing oats, and at other quite black fields just being plowed a second time. He was buried the following day in a small, private ceremony; typically, he wanted no fuss made over his death. make a snowman.