0 comments. You can serve these fried tomatoes as a tapas appetizer, as a side dish or even for breakfast, next to a couple of fried eggs. Article bookmarked. Here’s the recipe for fried green tomatoes. Find your bookmarks in your … Mark Hi @HixRestaurants. This prolongs their shelf life. These fried tomatoes have the most incredible flavor, the dish is super easy to make and it all comes together in 20 minutes. Growing up, I ate these in one place, prepared by only one person. Yes, I mean red tomatoes — specifically, sliced beefsteak tomatoes that are pan-fried lightly. Tomatoes on the vine are sold still attached to the vine they grew on. From vine to grill to table, a heap of fresh tomatoes makes the perfect summer tag along to any summer cookout menu. Green tomatoes, of course, are a staple of Southern cooking, with a long history of use in rural areas, where people were resourceful and made use of whatever they could. You can use heirloom tomatoes on the grill, if you prefer. Seems just about everyone’s heard of fried green tomatoes. The beautiful tomato. But sometimes when the local tomato farmers and chefs see the lovely under ripe green tomatoes hanging from the vine, they can’t help but to make like a Southerner and pick them for frying up in a pan. It will make it much easier to work with the tomatoes. Fried tomatoes on toast. But I particularly loved fried RED tomatoes. To do this, be sure to use a grill basket or fine grill grate. Oh, the joy of the sweet, juicy taste of summer only a tomato fresh from the garden or roadside farm stand treats the … Saturday 03 March 2012 01:00 . I present to you the BEST-EVER Fried Tomatoes with Panko & Manchego Cheese. Green tomatoes may not get same attention of their big, red tomato brothers, but tough — and it must be said, largely flavorless — green tomatoes have an important place, too. Serves 4. And that place is in our cast-iron skillets, dredged in cornmeal and breadcrumbs, fried golden brown. My Nana (grandmother) periodically made them, most often at the end of tomato season when she salvaged the remaining tomatoes from the plants in our garden. It was my grandfather’s specialty.