This page describes specific techniques you can use to put information from outside sources into your own words. Embed the author's name. It is very important, however, to paraphrase and summarise correctly because there is a fine balance between acceptable and unacceptable When I teach paraphrasing, I generally go over some techniques such as the list below. A Few Notes on Teaching Paraphrasing. You can use both techniques to clarify and simplify complex information or ideas. DIRECT DOWNLOAD! SOME, BUT NOT ENOUGH •Does the paraphrase change the ORDER of the ideas? Change a word from one part of speech to another; Original: Medical professor John Swanson says that global changes are influencing the spread of disease. There are two ways you can do this: paraphrasing and summarising. Begin restating the information by putting the author's name in the sentence. Paraphrasing techniques. In Your Own Words…PARAPHRASING 2. Using synonyms is an essential paraphrasing technique.Paraphrasing. NoodleTools and Online Resources - Tutorial Research Cycle; How to Paraphrase: There are several methods that can be used to paraphrase effectively. To paraphrase text: Read and make notes. An effective paraphrase includes more than one of the following techniques. Find different terms. Learn 3 ways of paraphrasing by using these easy to follow paraphrasing techniques. Show all | Hide all. By the End, You will Know…o How to put a passage in your own words without changing the meaningo The definition of Paraphrasingo How to find the main idea of the text in order to paraphrase it 3. Here are a few tips on effective paraphrasing: Paraphrasing Techniques Citing information correctly: MLA; Online Resources and Citing with NoodleTools Toggle Dropdown. Compare these two examples of writing. If you do not cite the source properly, your paraphrase might also be considered plagiarized. Rewritten by paraphrasing techniques: According to Steven Malta, a veterinarian who wrote Seven Contemporary Plagues, the disease could have come in many ways (Peterside, 2005). There are many more techniques you can use to create a paraphrase than just replacing a few words. Summarizing means cutting it down to its bare essentials. Check your work. It is typically used for relating short segments of a source’s ideas, as an alternative to quoting. Another example of paraphrasing. Paraphrasing and summarising Writing information in your own words is a highly acceptable way to include the ideas of other people in your writing. NO •Does the paraphrase include a reference to the original author? Put the text into your own words. Paraphrasing is a technique that allows you to borrow ideas from other works so as to avoid plagiarism. Paraphrasing techniques pdf DOWNLOAD! Teaching Paraphrasing to students 1. Does the paraphrase copy more than 3 words in a row? If you use only one of these techniques when paraphrasing, you have not paraphrased effectively. Paraphrase number three is an acceptable, and is not plagiarism. Paraphrasing Strategies A paraphrase translates the ideas in a source into your own words, keeping all of the details in the original source. Note down similarities and differences between the two. You would also need to provide a complete reference for this work in your bibliography. These techniques can provide students some tools to paraphrase successfully and avoid the overuse of quotations, or worse yet, plagiarism. YES •Does the paraphrase use SYNONYMS? Use many of the following techniques simultaneously. Of course, even if you paraphrase something, you should cite the source. techniques, so we must use computer models to guide our understanding. Academic Integrity Program Paraphrasing and Summarising Page 4 of 10. Paraphrasing means rephrasing text or speech in your own words, without changing its meaning. Paraphrasing techniques pdf When you write a paraphrase, you restate others ideas in your own words.