One of these is an Amalfitano TP single-coil at the bridge that’s primed for raunchy, biting tones with just the right amount of treble frequencies. So, in this guide, we’ll be looking at the best telecaster bridge for an epic guitar upgrade. Try rolling the tone control off with a rasp of tweedy overdrive dialled in on the amp and flip to the neck position – single notes are rich and complex, with a prominent ‘woo’ vowel sound that’s evocative of Cream-era Clapton available all over the fretboard. – Pricey. A metal control plate and ashtray-style hardtail also give hints towards the guitar’s T-styles forebears. If you like the sound of that, but have a few suggestions, Pine body, maple neck, 9.5-10” compound radius pau ferro fingerboard with 21 medium frets, Gotoh vintage-style tuners, Mastery bridge and tailpiece, Vuorensaku Custom bridge humbucker and neck P-90, three-way switch, master volume and tone controls, Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard says Chris Cornell “elevated himself in a way that everyone dreams about”, Angus Young defends never changing AC/DC’s sound: “This is what we do best – we make rock and roll”, Radiohead’s Ed O’ Brien demands streaming platforms offer better rates: “I would do this for free, and that’s precisely what’s been taken advantage of”, Eric Clapton’s Slowhand Strat is heading to auction with a starting price of $1 million, “I hated my tone, it was awful”: Orianthi on pedals, Gibsons and why she cringes at her old videos, Why the live music scene will not return anytime soon, Alex Skolnick: “Going from metal to jazz is like going from tackle football to figure skating”, Meet Bartees Strange: Fusing punk, hip-hop and electronica through the electric guitar, The Genius Of… Elephant by The White Stripes, The Big Listen: Southeast Of Saturn (Third Man Records), Black Friday 2020 for guitarists: The best guitar deals to watch out for, Guitar Legends: Eric Clapton – the birth of a legend, Guitar Legends: Johnny Marr – a unique guitar hero with a chameleonic talent, BB King’s 20 greatest guitar moments, ranked, How to play chords like John Lennon Part 1, How to play chords like Paul Simon Part 2. But the neck is maple, with a Fender-style 25.5-inch scale length. There’s also the interesting addition of a kill-button on the top horn for some interesting spluttery, glitchy effects, which, combined with the aggressive humbuckers, make this an easy road to distorted chaos. The Australian guitarist on her Gibson signature model, Flying Vs, fuzz and why she didn’t sweat the small stuff on new album, O. Testament legend Alex Skolnick on discovering his inner jazz cat, different rigs for different moods and the influence of Eddie Van Halen. And want to know another little thing? body style has inspired guitarists of all genres – from country to punk to classic rock to avant-garde-noise-jazz, it’s hard to think of a style of guitar playing that doesn’t feature any T-type players at all. There’s an element of Jazzmaster in the body shape, not to mention the Mastery bridge and vibrato tailpiece; but that’s combined with a Tele-style control plate and, most distinctively, an elegant German carve around the front edge of the body. (Poor Quality Control) I was able to remove the overtones by redressing and polishing the forward radius on the saddles. He’s famously driven and single-minded, constantly seeking out great instruments and unique sounds to build a unique catalogue of stellar guitar music. The DC-based musician on struggling to fit in, finding his tribe with the goth kids, and chasing the guitar sound in his head. – it’s all here and it doesn’t take much effort to find it. “When we started, we weren't reinventing the wheel.”. I bought several sets to keep in stock to replace old pitted saddles. + Killswitch is interesting if you like it, discrete if you don’t – Very traditional, perhaps too much for some. If you continue without changing your settings, you're agreeing to receive all cookies on the StewMac website. Once installed I noticed a slight increase to my sustain and a bit more crispness and darkness to my tone.. All in all, very happy with the outcome for such a relatively inexpensive and easy upgrade. The phrase T-type usually denotes two things – a flat-topped single-cut design, and/or an electronics layout mimicking that of the original. The December 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! + Bespoke pickups About This Item. + Road-ready To start off our list of the best Telecaster bridges out... Fender Standard Series Telecaster Bridge Assembly. Table of Contents. You can purchase these from other vendors though if you need to but it would be nice if Stew Mac had these in stock.Also note that these are metric adjustment screws which will require a metric allen wrench and not the standard wrench that comes with the Am Standards. FREE Shipping with StewMAX is now available! All bridges listed are the modern six-saddle design. There were two saddles that came with shorter screws, so I used these on the first and sixth strings, but with the radius, all of them had at least a 1/16" above surface. Our picks of the best T-style electric guitars that are available today, from Fender’s own range to Tele-inspired boutique models. It features a 60s C Vintage Standard neck profile and is available in four retrolicious finishes: Two-Tone Tobacco Burst, Trans Butterscotch, Trans White and Vintage Natural. + Noiseless pickup circuitry Four of the best Telecaster bridge upgrade options for swapping out stock hardware. While it ships with standard telecaster wiring, a wiring kit is included if you want the original’s blend control. ’s attention-to-detail when it comes to guitar building is on full display here, to dazzling effect. Luckily enough, I was able to take the shorter screws off of another guitar and it solved the problem. With that said, there are (as always, in the world of guitars) also a great many arguments for simply sticking to what works. I kept some of the springs from the old saddles and used them on some of them where I wanted more tension since the springs that were included were shorter than the originals.I switched out the old saddles because I like the feel of these better on my palm for muting and there is less adjustment screw sticking out of the top. They played together in the band Temple Of The Dog. Time to remind ourselves of just 20 of his countless great guitar moments. The intonation screws are quite long, so again, if you tune low you'll have to replace or modify them so as not to pinch the strings when you set intonation. The most dangerous time of year for your wallets is here. Tempered red pine slab body, bolt-on tempered maple neck with compound 9.5-12” radius rosewood fretboard, 21 frets, Jescar 6125 fretwire, bone nut, Gotoh T-style bridge with 3x compensated brass saddles and vintage-style machineheads, Amalfitano TP bridge and P-45 neck singlecoil pickups, four-way blade pickup selector switch, master volume, master tone, Alder body with cream binding, bolt-on maple neck with satin urethane finish (gloss on headstock face) and Modern D profile, 10-14” compound radius fingerboard with black pearloid dots and 22 medium-jumbo frets. No bigger than a chunky stompbox, Orange’s latest Terror is a fully fledged 20-watt amplifier complete with valve preamp and (sort of) channel switching. Compared to their S-type siblings, T-style guitars are also more likely to sport hardtailed bridges rather than vibratos, but there are some exceptions. What you don’t get are the overly nasal results that can sometimes occur when you pair P-90s with an ash or alder T-style body. + Great pickups 99 I like these a lot, though I do have a few nitpicks that keep me from giving them a 5-star rating. – Not for those looking for classic T-type tones, The Manson x Cort collaboration that is the MBM-1 sports a very stripped-down design, with a minimalist, pickguard-less front, loaded with two fairly aggressive humbuckers. I purchased these to change out the "bent metal" saddles on my '12 American Standard Tele. Decidedly vintage in spec, the T54 has a string-through sugar pine body, maple neck, a 7.25-inch-radius maple fretboard, and a single-ply pickguard. He initially named it ‘the Broadcaster’ but had to rename it due to copyright reasonswhen Fred Gretsch informed him he had a drum kit with the same name. Combining compression, boost and a powerful EQ section, could this unassuming grey box from Croatia be the ultimate tone-enhancer? MEMBERSHIP IS NOW AVAILABLE IN POLAND! + Numerous custom options This guitar will make your bank account break out in a cold sweat. All the usual appointments you’d expect are there: string-through alder body, rosewood/maple fretboard, and bolt-on 60s C neck.