Don’t get me wrong, I love Totino’s and Takis separately. Totino’s The warm cheesy goodness wrapped in the spicy lime Takis dust will send you into the new snack dimension. Takis and Totino's have combined to bring together the spicy lime flavor of Takis chips with the cheesy nostalgia of Totino's pizza roll-like snacks. Be right back, I'm skipping my Dunkin' coffee run this afternoon for a trip to H-E-B's freezer aisle right now. They’re bite-sized rolls filled with cheese and dusted with Takis Fuego hot chili pepper and lime seasoning. Launching nationwide this month for 4.99 a bag, these poppable bite-size fuego fireballs will be sure to please the savory and spicy centers of the brain. So when I heard that Totino’s has a new snack out called Takis Fuego Mini Snack Bites I had to know more! We go through a lot of Totino’s pizza rolls here at my house between myself and the kids. For those that love @takisusa and @totinos Pizza Rolls, you’re mashup dreams have come true. Basically, they're a dream come true for everyone who loves pizza rolls and can't get enough of Takis' signature spice. C alling all of my frozen food lovers who dip everything in hot sauce.Totino's just released mozzarella cheese bites that are coated with Takis Fuego seasoning! I am also a fan of Takis! When I am craving something spicy that is what I grab, because man those things have a kick! The new snacks are available now at retailers nationwide in 60-count bags for $4.99. It’s no question that Takis and Pizza Rolls are an amazing snack combo, but when combined, these two snacks create a new third snack that is in an epic class of its own. I thought there wasn't a better snack than Totino's pizza rolls, but Totino's has really outdone themselves. Packs of 60 Takis Fuego Mini Snack Bites are available at mainstream retailers this month for around $5 per bag. Step aside, pizza rolls, there's a new spicy sheriff in town.