“A lot has changed in the past few months when we talk about the goal and securing the location of a vending and coffee fair in Germany – and – the changed reality due to Corona”.

Fair targets

Vendtra is the common consequence of maintaining the focus of an branch trade fair. Instead of mixing and matching focal points, Vendtra concentrates on the core business of the vending and coffee branch and on securing Germany as a trade fair location for all participants in the long term.


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, it was no longer possible to hold classic trade fairs. To help avoid industry standstill, we promptly launched a digital offering. With the result that in 2020, Vendtra conducted the world’s 1st online digital trade fair for the vending and coffee branch. To date, Vendtra Twins’ digital service offering is unmatched. With the digital expansion, direct dialogue with manufacturers, presentations and know-how transfer was and is still possible despite the pandemic. Future: Digital trade fairs not only offer advantages in sensitive times, but also the possibility to save time, travel and hotel costs in the future. The CO2 footprint, which needs to be taken into account more and more seriously, will also be significantly reduced via digital trade fairs such as the Vendtra Twins.


This year, Vendtra will come twice: in the first quarter as a Digital Online Fair from 24-25 February 2021 and in the third quarter as a real fair from 29-30 September 2021 in Munich. Vendtra Twins: We think dialogue and know-how are important to be able to plan better in 2021. With the digital trade fair offer, you can have risk-free conversations, meet colleagues, learn about innovations. Vendtra: In the third quarter, due to vaccinations, the so-called “herd immunity” should be reached, and thus classical trade fairs and personal meetings will be possible again. However, we also think that mass events are still not a good approach at this point. Therefore, we have decided to forego the Networking Day at the Oktoberfest this year. Vendtra in Munich will therefore be held as a classic 2-day fair, deliberately and as a precautionary measure, in order to be able to react with admission regulations spread over 2 fair days in case of doubt. Regardless of this, the trade fair in Munich will be organised on a hybrid basis to give you all the advantages of participation. We will stick to our concept of 1 day trade fair and 1 day networking. With the aim of finally (save) “experiencing” the Oktoberfest day together with you in 2022 at the latest, and then offering it annually.

Vendtra – Europe´s only Vending fair 2021

With its two events in 2021, Vendtra is actually the only trade fair platform for the vending and Coffee branch in Europe. The digital online trade fair Vendtra Twins will therefore be offered in several languages this year (new). This means that colleagues from neighbouring European countries can also participate. The aim of Vendtra remains to allow contacts, dialogues and leads, to bring all industry participants further. To highlight opportunities and possibilities with manufacturers, press and lobby. Free entry for visitors, moderate exhibitor prices and multiple synergies round off the concept.

Vendtra Vending Trade Festival Deutschland

Branch fair 2021

This year, Vendtra is the only trade fair platform – Europe-wide – for the vending and coffee industry, offering a digital as well as a real event.

Vendtra Vending Trade Festival Deutschland

Platform with the highest turnover

Vending Germany generates the highest benefit in Europe as a whole. Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland follow directly, measured by country size in a country comparison.

Vendtra Vending Trade Festival Deutschland

News, Trends, Solutions

Vendtra shows solutions that work today. And innovations for tomorrow’s business. Trends, opportunities, answers, dialogue – and now also across countries.

Vendtra Vending Trade Festival Deutschland

Vendtra Twins and Vendtra

One brand, two fairs: Vendtra Twins, the already 2nd digital online fair in February 2021 and Vendtra, the physical / hybrid fair in September 2021 in Munich.

Vendtra Vending Trade Festival Deutschland

New Leads, new sales

Suppliers, industry participants and cross business. The German market has had only a few losses despite the pandemic. this means for 2021: new opportunities, new sales.

Vendtra Vending Trade Festival Deutschland

B2B contacts via App

Included at the real trade fair in Munich: scan visitors or exhibitors with the free Vendtra app, analyse data in a relaxed manner after the trade fair. A matter of course for us.

Vendtra Vending Trade Festival Deutschland

Conferences, presentations

Experts in dialogue, manufacturers present solutions – answer questions in two languages (German, English). A unique opportunity to learn more and engage in new dialogue.

Vendtra Vending Trade Festival Deutschland

Self-evident compliance

The real trade fair Vendtra in Munich will comply with or fulfil all pandemic requirements in effect in September 2021. For the safety of all participants