The concentrated fair

Down-to-earth, to the point, free of politics. Make contacts, expand them. Get an overview, learn about innovations and trends. Vendtra focuses only on trade visitors, is a 2-day festival for professionals in the vending and coffee industry and those who want to become professionals. Vendtra is safe, not a mass event and is run in a controlled manner.

SEP 29-30, 2021, 10am – 6pm
Olympiapark Munich

Admission: free for trade visitors (via prior online registration). Choose one of the two days of the fair.
The pandemic has hurt many industry players in the vending and coffee industry. No one knows what tomorrow will bring for the industry. Take the precaution of finding out about innovations and alternatives. Visit the trade fair in Munich so that you will still be able to compete successfully the day after tomorrow. But also to finally meet good acquaintances again and learn something new. If the journey to Munich is too far for you, you can also participate digitally online via Vendtra Twins. Because Vendtra is organised hybrid. Relaxed from home, from the office via PC & webcam, pad or smartphone. A unique concept for a successful restart. Vendtra, real trade fair participation on site in Munich – or digital participation. Two options – one goal: to help you get ahead.

Vendtra Vending Trade Festival Deutschland

Fair ticket

Register online, today. It´s easy.

  1. Enter your data in the online form
  2. Confirm the process at the end of the entry
  3. You will receive an e-mail to your address including a generated, personalised QR code.
  4. Print out the voucher
  5. Carry it with you on the day of the fair
  6. Fold the voucher according to the instructions
  7. Get a free badge cover on site
  8. Insert the folded voucher into the ID cover (QR code visible towards the front)
  9. Wear the ID cover incl. voucher clearly on the day of the fair so that it can be checked at the entrance and scanned by exhibitors
vendtra registrierung


Fair admission tickets are only available via online pre-registration. Click on the image, please fill in all fields correctly. You will then receive an e-mail including a personalised admission ticket for the Vendtra trade fair.

Vending – Open to attack

The pandemic has shown how vulnerable vending is, how thin the livelihood is for professionals in the vending and coffee industry if they rely solely on company catering and OCS. The days of painful closures made it clear that new perspectives, concepts and a rethink are necessary. Vendtra shows solutions for your classic daily business – and – alternatives. Vendtra is not just a trade fair or a performance show. All of them are concerned with securing the industry and moving it forward. The best way to do this is through dialogue. Vendtra offers you the protected framework that makes sense in sensitive times. Focused on trade visitors, no mass events, no disturbances.


Vendtra Vending Trade Festival Deutschland

Vendtra Impressionen

Maps, address, distance

vendtra google maps

Olympiapark München
80809 München,

Augsburg….. 80 km
Kempten….. 129 km

Nürnberg….. 168 km

Passau….. 169 km

Stuttgart….. 238 km

Freiburg….. 354 km

Frankfurt….. 392 km

Leipzig….. 430 km

Dresden….. 462 km

Köln….. 574 km

Berlin….. 584 km

Dortmund….. 606 km

Hannover….. 606 km

Bremen….. 768 km
Rostock….. 786 km

Hamburg….. 791 km

Kiel….. 887 km

Salzburg….. 145 km

Vaduz….. 240 km

Zürich….. 311 km

Prag….. 382 km

Wien….. 403 km

Graz….. 427 km

Bern….. 432 km

Luxemburg….. 534 km

Brüssel….. 784 km