3rd Digital Online Fair of the Vending and Coffee branch

A digital trade fair is the logical evolution of a real trade fair – and must be much more than a “webinar” with “rooms”. Vendtra Twins is oriented around the learned trade fair experience of visitors: Exploring trade fair stands, taking along brochures or price lists, following videos or presentations, making appointments, exchanging contact details and, above all, the direct dialogue “face2face” with usual contact persons. The exchange, the one-on-one conversation, is what distinguishes all trade fairs in the end. Vendtra Twins allows this just as much as presentation series / product presentations by the industry as well as a congress programme that informs about the latest news, changes and developments.

Attendance at the Digital Online Fair is free of charge for all visitors from vending, OCS, coffee and vending starter. But also for gastronomy, hotels, bakeries, shops, roasters and all those who have newly discovered vending as a sales channel for themselves.

Examples of digital exhibition booths from Vendtra Twins

Vendtra Twins is the most up-to-date database 2021 on both days of the fair.
If you need pictures, brochures or logos from manufacturers for your promotions or to update your website, you can download them. A service that is unique.