What’s your favorite fruit Jam? As young kids We didn’t like the taste of the guava alone, but we’d pick them for her and she’d perform a miracle which became the guava … Organic Red Raspberries to the original recipe. I added 12 oz. I made pineapple guava jam again today, but this time added frozen organic raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries while it was cooking. Homemade Guava Jam Recipe. Use a coarse mesh sieve or … It bears round fruits with colors that range from green to yellow and even red. Print Recipe. Organic Mixed Berry Blend, and 10 oz. Simple Guava Jam Recipe. by Safura on in Blog, Recipes. Aside from deliciously sweet, golden mangoes, another fruit that best describes summer in tropical countries (like the Philippines) is guava. This plant belongs to the myrtle family. Today I am craving fresh sweet guava jam so I made this simple jam. Berry Guava Jam Recipe. Guava jam is made from mashed guava pulp and sugar syrup cooked until it becomes into a jam consistency. Since guava contains many seeds and hard, it will not soften when cooked so you have to sieve the pulp to remove the seeds. We picked some fresh guavas from our friend’s yard and have been eating it all week. https://food.onehowto.com/recipe/how-to-make-guava-jam-at-home-9848.html Guava jelly (jam) takes me back to my grandma’s where she had guava trees. Guava Jam.