Ever since I was 12 I’ve wanted to learn to play the guitar. This book teaches classical and fingerstyle guitar skills with a focus on the rich pedagogical tradition of classical guitar. Memorize the names of your strings. The six strings of a guitar are numbered from first to sixth starting on the thinnest string and counting up to the thick-est string. Guitar theory and music theory are your friends. It doesn't assume that you read standard notation. I’m a 62 year-old retired foreman. Though there isn’t a difficult learning curve for beginners, reaching an advanced level on guitar can be intimidating. Hi, I’m Reggie. In the members area you will have access to free beginner guitar lesson videos and more. (But if you don't already read tab, see Appendix I at the end of this document.) Guitar Theory: Roman Numerals and the Major Scale Chord Sequence. This tutorial assumes you know how to play (at least at the beginner level) and have access to a guitar. Guitar Chords in Written / Tab Form Writing Guitar Chords - Alternative way of writing a guitar chord using segments for strings and numbers which represent the fret played on each individual segment/string, e.g., x02210 the order of segments/guitar strings ; numbers and symbols representing each segment 3 CLEFS The clef, a symbol that sits at the leftmost side of the staff, specifies which lines and spaces belong to which notes. And it assumes you know how to read guitar tablature or tab, which is about as difficult to learn as zipping up a zipper. Master the simple theory based lessons in this ebook and you will have the foundation to become a monster guitarist. Classical Guitar Method – Volume I by Bradford Werner Free PDF Download (102 pages) – Beginner classical or fingerstyle guitar. In a sense, the clef calibrates or orients the staff to specific notes. Also, be sure to register for your free membership at Riff TV.com - FREE Video Guitar Lessons . Tuning the Guitar Your guitar will need to be tuned before playing. And while I got pretty good in my college days, it wasn’t long before the old axe started gathering dust out in the garage while I focused on my career and family. Each scale degree of the major scale produces a triad and major or minor chord. The strings also have letter names that corre-spond to each string. Many people claim that music theory books are the way to go, but it’s often difficult to know where to start!In this article, I’ll be letting you know what to look for so you know how to find the best guitar theory book. Two downloadable music theory worksheets for guitar players, delivered in a digital PDF format. How I Learned The Basics Of Guitar Theory From Home In Just A Few Months. Guitar theory reveals that the major scale is stacked in thirds to make triads and chords.