To STOP spraying, push switch forward with thumb toward nozzle. are Bifenthrin and zeta-cypermethrin (from the pyrethrin class). You can use natural ingredients to make bug sprays for your home, yard, plants, and your skin, too. Protect your yard with the best mosquito repellents and bug sprays. Cutter Backyard Bug Control Spray – Here Bonide BND022 Ready to Use Neem Oil, Insect Pesticide for Organic Gardening (Bug Spray for Yard … The 32 oz concentrate can make flea (or Yard) treat a yard area of 8,000 square feet. Best Yard Mosquito Sprays and Repellents. 2. Cutter 61067 Backyard Bug Control Spray Concentrate (Best Bug Spray for Your Lawn) 4. Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus is a proven mosquito repellent, indoors and out. It comes in a 32-ounce bottle, which covers an area of up to 5,300 square feet. One convenient homemade insect repellent is pepper spray. Wondercide Flea spray is a “spray-and-use” model, and thus you can use your Yard shortly after spraying – it’s eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. How to mix ingredients for mosquito repellent spray. Unless your yard is larger, a single bottle is enough to keep mosquitoes away for 6 months. Chop onion and put into a container (an old saucepan, a bucket), top with a gallon of water, stir the mixture and cover. They range from highly natural mosquito solutions, to all-out backyard chemical warfare. Leave the stuff under the sun or in a warm place for 3-5 days. Walk at a steady pace, working back toward the faucet while spraying using an even sweeping motion, slightly overlapping treated areas. Spray until wet to control weeds. Homemade or DIY bug sprays are a popular alternative to synthetic bug repellents. Similar to garlic spray, chile pepper spray is a great homemade natural insect repellent that can be used for a variety of different pests. Following are the best yard mosquito repellents and sprays that we have found on the market today. Homemade Pepper Spray Repels Insects. The active ingredients found in this yard spray. Ingredients for homemade mosquito yard spray: 1 gallon of water 1 onion. Ortho Bug B Gon Insect Killer for Lawns and Gardens (Best Spider Killer for Yard and Best Mosquito Spray for Yard) 3.