Arrange the ingredients on a plate, platter or board and refrigerate until you are ready to serve. I have a confession to make. Full of Italian flavors and the perfect start to any meal. Antipasto platters are usually offerings of cured deli meats, salty olives, tasty cheeses, marinated vegetables, seafood delicacies and crackers or rustic bread to put it all together. Truly, it's all in the presentation! Of course, you can’t forget a beautiful platter … Select and purchase your ingredients. Dec 18, 2019 - How to Make an easy Italian Antipasto Platter for a crowd. Here is an Antipasto Platter made by my sister Marisa for Christmas Eve. I don’t have a specific recipe to share. You can make this dish as simple or as complicated as you like. Get all my ideas here. Following these simple tricks will help you create antipasto platters that will be the hit of your next event, whether it’s the centerpiece to a small get-together or the prelude to a big holiday meal. Luckily for the host it is always best to keep these platters simple! They will often include a dip or two and the success is in the simplicity. There are some main components to an antipasto platter; charcuterie (2-3), cheese (2-3), bread or crackers and marinated vegetables (2-3). An antipasto platter is a simple make ahead appetizer. Enjoy it with some wine, and people you love. I would happily dine out on an antipasto platter for dinner every night. The possibilities for an antipasto platter are endless, and you can easily create an assortment of your favorite foods for your guests to pick and choose what they love for a satisfying appetizer. We always look forward to her creative Antipasto Platters for all to nosh while we were prepare the Feast of the Seven Fishes. The perfect antipasto platter is like a mini buffet of awesomeness that works SO WELL with a glass of Champagne, Prosecco or your choice of wine. I usually opt for Italian antipasto, however, this is an easy dish that you can make your own. Just pick quality ingredients and arrange on a platter. Antipasto Platter Recap. #antipasto #holidayappetizer #meatandcheese I'm sharing simple ideas for this appetizer and it's easy to put together for this Christmas and the holidays. Be the bearer of good tidings–or dishes–at your next party with a platter … An easy antipasto platter is one of my favorite ways to create a crowd-pleasing appetizer for any holiday party or get together.