The various types range from small evergreen perennials to woody shrubs with a mix of white, purple and pink flowers. When growing outdoors your plants will need up to 10 hours of direct sun during the day. Once thyme is established, it only needs to be watered when the soil below is completely dry. This hardy plant stays evergreen throughout the year and is both drought and pest tolerant. Quick It grows like a weed so there is always When you’re growing an herb garden indoors thyme will need as much bright, direct light as you can give it. To start a new plant, clip off a three-inch section from the tip of a mature one and apply a rooting hormone to the exposed stem pieces. tastes like lemon. Gift Certificate | Lemon Thyme definitely smells like lemon and Water Conserving, Sign up to be notified of sales events They are a great low cost way to fill a lot of Pack. Though it’s possible to plant thyme directly from seed, the process isn’t worth it for most gardeners. If you’re looking for some extra tips on how to keep it growing great, read these tips below. Log Out, View complete list of organic herbs & perennials », Not sure what you're looking for? Out in your garden, you can plant thyme next to strawberries, eggplant, broccoli and cabbage for the benefit of all species. Once they start to flourish, thyme doesn’t need much nutrition in order to thrive. Reaching nearly five feet tall, with large, prickly leaves…, Don’t let its reputation for being tricky to master scare you off; growing tarragon is actually easy once you know…, Growing sage is fairly simple for just about anyone. more lemon waiting in the garden. Plenty of garden plants do well with thyme, but rosemary is the perfect herb to pair with it because they both have the same watering needs. available in plug trays. similarity stops. Lemon Thyme is one of the six plants chosen to be in our Gourmet Herb Garden Six Pack. Rather than sucking away every available nutrient and taking over space, thyme keeps to itself. Because the seeds spring from the plant the moment they are ripe, the best way to collect them is to cover your plant with a tightened brown bag that will collect all the seeds when they spring. This plant is often Loosen up the soil with a light misting of water and space your plants between 12 and 24 inches apart, depending on how big you expect the variety to get. added to marinade Yet thyme also provides every gardener with a tasty harvest all season long. plants chosen to be in our Gourmet Herb Low light will make your plant grow leggy stems that won’t look or taste right. About Us It’s best to fertilize your soil with plenty of organic compost in the early spring to ensure there are plenty of nutrients available for it to feed on. Taking on a whole world organics approach to all areas of life. Thyme adds interest to soups, casseroles, pizzas, and breads, and also has many medicinal uses. Native to the warm climates of the Grecian coast, thyme has long been used as both a landscape plant. Let the soil dry out between watering. Newsletters | | Plant And, as a longtime favorite for seasoning all types of food,…. The Scottish Highlanders even praised tea made from thyme for its courage-boosting and strength-giving properties. Weeds that compete for the nutrients in the soil are a bad idea for horizontal growing plants like thyme, so keeping the weeds in check will help your thyme to thrive. Each cell is 3/4 of inch by an inch. These trays hold 128 Characteristics: Full Sun, Check here to see Plus, the variations in color and size make it an herb that looks stunning anywhere. Simply snip off branches sparingly until the plant is robust enough to handle more involved harvesting. Follow along as we discover what it takes to truly live in the most natural and organic way, even through the noisy chatter of modern day living. space. Within six weeks, roots should start to form, at which point you can transfer the cutting into a small pot until it reaches transplanting size. It forms attractive, tiny lavender flowers which attract bees, and is known to deter cabbage worms. And, it’s even a savory addition to a multitude of dishes made with eggs, meat and almost any vegetable. Lemon Thyme Plug Trays Pruning off dead and dying stems in the spring and fall will help keep each plant healthy for the coming season. Thyme leaves are great in recipes when both fresh and dried, but be sure to harvest your plants in the early morning for peak flavor. Not only is it dead easy to propagate thyme this way, it’s also a simple to strategy to ensure your plants stay true to the genes of their parent. Podcasts | Don’t be afraid to start harvesting your thyme, as in most cases the more you harvest the faster the plant grows. Grow your thyme in a container that’s at least six inches deep and make sure it gets plenty of sunlight to ensure you always have a constant supply handy. If you choose to save thyme seeds for future planting, you can collect them off the plant in the early fall. Newsletter | Because thyme has such a low germination rate and needs plenty of babying before it even sprouts, most people prefer to propagate it from cuttings or plant it from nursery transplants. The horizontal growth pattern of thyme means it’s easy for side branches to root themselves in the soil. Not only will this produce the best tasting thyme, it also lowers the risk of your crop contracting root rot. Lemon Thyme Garden Six Pack. It’s the best way to encourage bushy growth and tender stems rather than a scraggly, woody shrub. Don’t over-fertilize your thyme. Allow your thyme bed’s soil to dry out completely before watering in order to avoid this condition. Not only will this produce the best tasting thyme, it also lowers the risk of... Keep the weeds under control. is great with fish or chicken. When stored in a cool, dry place, thyme seeds should last for about three years. Plant Descriptions | It can be used in any recipe calling for lemon juice, As far as horizontally growing plants go, thyme is extremely well-behaved and spreads slowly. French or Common Thyme: The classic kitchen garden thyme, Red Creeping Thyme: Because the tiny leaves of this thyme variety don’t have much flavor, it’s used as a predominately ornamental ground cover that produces purple flowers. List | | Plug Trays | It requires plenty of water throughout the first season in order to help it get established enough to thrive.