They are sooo easy to screw up by overcooking, then the casings get loose. In the video, we used 6 pounds of Boston butt and 6 pounds of eye of round for a total of 12 pounds of meat.1 pound of jalapenos (or more depending on your spice level) 2 pounds of cheese half an ounce of pink curing salt 2 1/4 pounds of Bayou Dust. These are similar to Slim Jims but without all the crap in them! Any of your purchases will help support this channel!THANK YOU to these PATREON SPONSOR TEAM MEMBERS!GOLD LEVEL*NATHAN STINSON*SCOTT WARD*THOMAS FRANCOKEY LEVEL*DAVID MERCHAN(CHARTER MEMBERS! Preheat the Smoker to 100 degrees F, and then put the beef sticks in, plug in the probe and leave the meat for an hour. LET ME KNOW...I'M LISTENING. ⭕️⭕️Like what you ? I use a tsp of liquid smoke per 5 lbs of meat, but mix that tsp of liquid smoke in 1/4 cup of water to dilute it, then mix with the meat. batch with 8 lbs. Stick are a real P.I.A in my opinion, I gave up on them awhile back. If smoke flavoring only: Replace the pan of chips once after it quits smoking. elk meat and 2 lbs. How to make venison pepperoni snack sticks from the Hi Mountain kit. No smoke at this point. Let loose, experiment with different flavors. . .Feel free to ask a question if you have any in the comments section below. The issue is that with many smokers, it is difficult to keep your temperature below that level. pork belly fat added to that. benefits not available here and help us grow the channel! As far as smoking goes that's easy if you have a PID. After the second panful is consumed and no more smoke is coming out, move on to step 8. Could anyone with experience please help me with snack stick making. Available in most grocery stores. Click below and make sure to hit that ! used a masterbuilt smoker and first set to 140 and ran for hour with no smoke. in the smoker with vent fully opened on low setting for 1-2 hours, without smoke, to dry your meat. Don't forget to ! I made a 10 lb. Become a Patreon Sponsor Team Member! used a cabelas snack sticks mix and 75/25 mix for pork butt. turned up to 175 for a couple hours. Try this venison snack stick kit out and you'll be hooked!Recommended equipment:Hi Mountain Pepperoni snack stick kit: (use code SGO10 for 10% off! TheTactacam now also works with GoPro style mounts!For business inquiries go to the “About” part of my channel here to contact me: links are used in this description. I have made 2 batches with my new smoker, and the result was pretty darn good, but I think it could have been a little better. Buy Smokehouse Bayou Products Here : along with us while we give you some tips and tricks for making these great little snacks.The list of ingredients will be below. I start out low, around 145 to 150 degrees for an hour, then turn the temperature up to 170 degrees and continue to cook until the snack sticks reach an internal temperature of 150 degrees. Amounts of seasoning use will vary if you're not using Bayou Dust.) you need to be using smoked meat stabilizer. )Questions and comments are welcome!Follow Scott on Instagram: Follow Scott on Twitter: used on SGO and where to find it:Amazon:Boya Lavelier Mic BY-M1: 5.0 Bow Package: 5.0 WIDE angle: Hero 4 Silver bundle: MKE 2 elements - Action Mic for the GoPro HERO4 video micro mic: Zoom Mic: 3 4K Drone: Hero 4 silver bundle: Zoom Mic: how Rode Video Micro: 3 4K Drone: You’ll want the bundle on a GoPro! How to make venison pepperoni snack sticks from the Hi Mountain kit. (Easily substituted using your favorite sausage/snack stick seasoning mix or BBQ RUB. If you are using any type of wild game like venison, elk, moose, etc. us on Facebook for more content and suggestions: can help support this channel with your normal Amazon Shopping! I run the smoker at about 120 for about an hour to dry the sausage. ⭕️⭕️ ⭕️⭕️ ⭕️⭕️Link to other gadgets I use -N- Sear: slicing knife: board: Grill link ⭕️⭕️ ⭕️⭕️Pit barrel Cooker Dust: vacuum tumbler for marinating jerky: meat slicer for jerky: slicer Title \"Cantina Blues\" by Kevin MacLeodMusic is shareware supplied by and is used with their permission.#beefsticks #snacksticks #howto #smokies #jaxxdrinkwater #curedmeats This requires a consistent temperature below 200°F. Byron's Butt Rub is a good choice. Everything you need to know about how to make venison snack sticks is in this video! Then place in the smoker. That's correct, some recipes say to hang your sausage, snack sticks, etc. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE THESE \"STUDS\" MAKE NEXT??? I prefer to do it overnight in the fridge and get a fresh start smoking in the morning. )Hakka Bros 15# Sausage Stuffer: Press n Seal Wrap: INSIDER PERKS? If not you'll have to hang around the smoker and keep an eye on it. The video was mostly made as a step by step guide on how to make beef sticks. so I tried some venison sticks again. Me and Brian from Smokehouse Bayou show you how to make beef sticks from scratch, also known as snack sticks, slim jims or smokies. I have been sticking them on the racks in my MES 30 and rotating them during the 10 hours. Usually you want to bring the sausage out of the fridge to warm to room temp or close to it. Me and Brian from Smokehouse Bayou show you how to make beef sticks from scratch, also known as snack sticks, slim jims or smokies. Snack sticks can be made out of almost any meat block but you can’t treat an all-beef or pork snack stick the same as the one you are making out of a deer you got last weekend!